Mariano Belinky

Special guest

Mariano has been Santander InnoVentures’ Managing Partner since 2014 when he joined from McKinsey & Co., where he was an Associate Principal in the Corporate & Investment Banking and Global Risk Management practice, based in New York. There, he spent six years advising global banks, asset managers and private equity firms across North America, Europe and Latin America on multiple strategic topics.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Mariano spent three years at Bridgewater Associates, in Connecticut, US, and was an equities and equity derivatives trader for a private financial firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His background combines first hand investment experience with a strong technology background and deep consulting experience.

Mariano holds a BA in Computer Science and Philosophy from New York University, and conducted doctoral studies in Artificial Intelligence at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, focusing on complex networks, and specifically on syndication patterns in venture capital networks in the US.

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