Ep 261. Interview – Paul Lipman, CEO of Bullguard

Episode 98 · June 9th, 2017 · 23 mins 43 secs

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David interviews Paul Lipman, CEO of Bullguard, the consumer cyber security experts. Following very topical compromises of ransomware around the world, Paul explains how Bullguard are always fighting a constant battle with the “bad guys” to stay ahead of cyber threats to protect their customers across all their devices.

We learn how institutions are still too reliant on old software, exposing their vulnerability and that “patching up” fixes are not enough. Paul reminds us that any software can be hacked and that cyber security education across all businesses and industries is paramount as often it’s us humans that let the side down, no matter how secure the internal systems are!

Paul also discusses his new product, Dojo by Bullguard, a smart home security solution that is designed to protect all your smart devices in the home from being compromised and inadvertently sharing your data to unwanted third parties; and the Dojo Pebble, a notification device that updates you on the data security of your home and lets you know in real time if any threats are found.

Want to know more? Read all about Bullguard and the Dojo product on their website or follow Paul on Twitter.

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