Ep109 – The Secret to UK FinTech Success

Episode 9 · September 10th, 2016 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

This week we are unpacking some of the latest and greatest breaking news with Ed Maslaveckas (@Ed_Masl) and Jamie Campbell (@JCtheOriginal).

We are also joined by the fantastic Lawrence Wintermeyer (@lwintermeyer) who is the CEO of Innovative Finance.

Key stories this week:

  1. Independent – Apple tax: UK says it welcomes any company after tech-giant hit with £11bn Irish tax bill : LINK
  2. Fortune – Beware of Blockchain Hype Says Chain CEO Adam Ludwin : LINK
  3. Coin Desk – IBM Bridges Blockchain, AI With New Business Unit : LINK
  4. Australian Financial Review – ANZ Bank ups cloud focus with open networks for fintech collaboration : LINK 
  5. Business Insider – Oscar – City CEO: ‘The whole banking model is a bit broken’ and at risk of an Uber moment : LINK
  6. Telegraph – Jeremy Corbyn has a plan to ‘democratise the internet’. But does he even understand it himself? LINK
  7. Monzo – Mondo is now Monzo : LINK

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The post Ep109 – The Secret to UK FinTech Success appeared first on 11FS.

The post Ep109 – The Secret to UK FinTech Success appeared first on 11:FS.