Ep229 – 10x CEO Antony Jenkins on Startup Life and the Future of Banking

Episode 66 · March 24th, 2017 · 19 mins 28 secs

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Antony Jenkins, former CEO of Barclays, has spent 35 years working in large financial services institutions. He says that it struck him that, although there’s a lot of technology in banks, it doesn’t help much when it comes to improving the customer experience or lowering costs, and it hasn’t improved the reputation of banks within society. He founded 10x to create a new banking experience — one that is more diverse, open, and fair. In this episode, he talks to us about his new company, the future of banking, and the transition from running one of the biggest banks in the world to founding a startup.

“When I left Barclays, I began to look at what was happening, not only in the FinTech scene, but also with the underlying technologies. I became convinced that there was an opportunity to create the beginnings of a very different way of doing banking,” Antony says. “We set up 10x to deliver the capability to do that. It’s basically a full set of capabilities that a bank would need to operate. I like to think of it as providing better functionality than a neobank at lower cost than a big bank, and in a much more transparent way. That’s what we’re building at 10x.”

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