Ep222 – FinTech Out of Africa

Episode 59 · March 8th, 2017 · 37 mins 40 secs

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FinTech isn’t disrupting the financial industry in Africa – it’s building it across the continent. And because it’s being building without much legacy, by default it’s digital as a platform. In this episode of FinTech Insider Insights, we’ll shine a light on some great FinTech stories coming out of Africa, including approaches and ideas that incumbent institutions will find incredibly useful.

Our guests

Gerhard Coetzee, Lead Financial Sector Specialist at CGAP
Lesley-Ann Vaughan, M-PESA Co-Creator
Ron Webb, Director of Financial Services at Safaricom
Brett Loubser, CEO at WeChat Africa

“I’m extremely excited by how we’re going to see an increasing daily relevance of payments in people’s lives,” Ron says. “P2P transactions have been hugely important, and have been the bedrock of what M-PESA became. But you only send money P2P to your relatives, or people that you’re supporting, on a periodic basis. But you do merchant payments every single day – and many of them – and the increasing use of e-value in those day-to-day payments will increase daily relevance and create even more opportunity.”

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