Ep219 – CIO Special: How to Change Your Culture

Episode 56 · March 1st, 2017 · 44 mins 45 secs

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When it comes to innovation, can big, established banks compete with agile startups? Culture is the major barrier to digital transformation for larger organizations, so we talked to execs at the Global CIO Banking Summit to get their insight. Stay tuned for actionable examples on how to change your culture, how to measure this, and where to look for inspiration.

“At DBS, we gave up our training budget of sending executives to fancy business schools and have started putting them through hackathon experiences,” says Paul Cobban, COO, Technology & Operations at DBS Bank. “You take these guys and you give them three days of digital exposure, and then for two days they work with a real startup on a real problem. So you get the stodgy banker meets the 22-year-old coder, and the stodgy banker says, “Let me tell you how this is going to be,” and then the 22-year-old coder says, “I don’t think so,” and so you go through this storming, norming, performing cycle in about half an hour, and then they’re going to get on and do some real stuff.”


Mark de Munk, MD & CIO, International Wealth Management IT Solutions & Products at Credit Suisse
Ricardo Rola, EMEIA CIO at Itau BBA
Paul Cobban, COO, Technology & Operations at DBS Bank
Adrian Samareanu, Global CIO & VP, Operational Excellence at Volvo

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