310. Insights: Finastra takeover

Episode 474 · April 5th, 2019 · 47 mins 26 secs

About this Episode

David and Simon are with some great guests from Finastra, including:

  • Simon Paris, CEO
  • Eli Rosner, Chief Product and Technology Officer
  • Martin Haering, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Nicola Hamilton, Senior Director, Brand and Communications

We're bringing you an insight into how to manage diverse sets of client requirements, handling varying paces of change and overcoming the hurdles regarding legacy brands.

We also talk to Finastra about their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, how the company interacts with CSR and what the future has in store for Finastra.

Our guests talk to us about creating a platform for financial services that let banks move faster than core banking systems let them. Finastra aims to provide an open platform for innovation in the financial services industry in an age of massive consolidation and doing it in a way that deals with internal silos and prevents them from being formed. They also talk about skill transfer, enabling those without technology skills to use platforms and how big techs are creeping into the banking area.

All this and so much more on today's show.

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This week's episode was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Alex Woodhouse.

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