Ep. 252. Insights: Islamic Fintech

Episode 414 · September 14th, 2018 · 33 mins 53 secs

About this Episode

Today's insights show takes a closer look at what's going on in the Islamic finance space. We take a look at what Islamic Fintech actually is, its global scale, what makes it different from other areas of fintech, how it fits in with the push towards ethical fintech, and much more.

We speak to the best experts to answer all these questions:

  • Abdul Haseeb Basit - Co-founder and Principal, Elipses
  • Harris Irfan - Partner at Gateway and Chair of the UK Islamic FinTech Panel
  • Stella Cox - Managing Director, DDCAP Group and Chair of TheCityUK Islamic Finance Markets Advisory Group’
  • Irfan Khan - Founder and CEO of Yielders

This episode was written and produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Michael Bailey.