Ep. 242. Insights: Challenging the Banking Battlefield

Episode 403 · August 10th, 2018 · 48 mins 29 secs

About this Episode

Today's insights show takes a closer look at what defines a challenger bank, how the name's stuck, and what it actually means. Is it all because of a grudge or is it seeking to disrupt the banking status quo?

We speak to the perfect experts to find out:

  • Anne Boden - CEO and Co-Founder of Starling
  • Anthony Thomson - Founder of Atom Bank, Metro Bank, and a new Australian bank (86 400)
  • Tom Blomfield - CEO and Co-Founder of Monzo
  • Oscar Williams-Grut - Senior Reporter at Business Insider

Our intrepid hosts travel around the issue, finding out what the founders of challenger banks think of the classification, what differentiates them from incumbents (after all many features are available from both types of bank), how challengers create competition amongst themselves and how with the banking landscape changing as rapidly as it is, what the future holds for all financial insitutions, both neophyte and incumbent.

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This episode was written by Laura Watkins. Produced by Laura Watkins. Edited by Michael Bailey.