Ep202 – APIs: Plug into Banking

Episode 39 · January 18th, 2017 · 1 hr 14 mins

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What are APIs? We break it down in today’s episode with some great guests. But a little taste: All the connected apps you use on your phone talk via APIs to get their data. So when you check the weather, says David Andrzejek, the weather app on your phone makes an API call to a system to get the weather data. Lesley-Anne Vaughan says APIs are like ordering from a menu at a restaurant. You place your order from the menu, which is like an API call out to the kitchen (system). The food that comes to the table is the system’s response to that API call. What does this have to do with financial services? Bankers should be interested in APIs because they enable the digital experiences their customers want.

More API analogies and explanations await in episode 202!


News this week

  1. Finextra – US regulator cites fintech as risk to banking system [Link] Full report [Link]
  2.  IBTimes – DTCC creating credit derivatives blockchain with Axoni, IBM and R3 [Link]
  3. FT – Banks risk missing 2019 ringfence deadline [Link]
  4. Mashable – 56,000 petrol pumps in India to stop accepting credit and debit cards; citizens miffed [Link] Decision has been deferred until the 13th of January [Link]
  5. Banking Technology – “Humanoid” Ira to assist customers in HDFC Bank branches [Link]
  6. Financial Tribune – Iran’s 1st Open Banking API Launched [Link]

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The post Ep202 – APIs: Plug into Banking appeared first on 11FS.

The post Ep202 – APIs: Plug into Banking appeared first on 11:FS.