Ep124 – Wealth: Robo-Advisors or Master of Puppets?

Episode 24 · November 30th, 2016 · 1 hr 6 mins

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Wealth Management isn’t just for the super rich anymore. It’s opened up to everyone. But the reality is, most of us aren’t taking steps now to have a nice life in the future—or even to be able to retire. This week, our expert guests discuss how we can solve this massive social problem. We also chat about robo-advisors, creating offense in wealth management, digital wallets, and, of course, Metallica.


  • Dave Bruno, Co-Founder of YNOME and Head UBS WM Innovation @SuperDaveBruno
  • Jonathan Hey, Head of User Experience at Nutmeg @jonohey
  • Joe Parkin, Head of Wealth and Retail at iShares by Blackrock

News this week

  1. Bloomberg –  India’s Misguided War on Cash – Link
  2. Mashable – The Astronomical Rise of Mobile Wallets in India – Link
  3. Coindesk – Goldman Sachs and Santander Leaves R3CEV – Link
  4. Wired – Google is Amazing at Pictionary…Crowdsourced Machine Learning – Link
  5. Wealth Management – Envestnet Yodlee Strikes Partnership With Morgan Stanley – Link
  6. TechCrunch – German Online Wealth Management Platform Cashboard Scores €3M Series A – Link
  7. Wealth Management – Metallica Bassist Takes Equity Stake in RIA – Link

For more about Dave Bruno, check out his YouTube channel.

For more on Jonathan Hey, visit sketchplanations.com.

For more on iShares by Blackrock, go to www.ishares.co.uk.

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The post Ep124 – Wealth: Robo-Advisors or Master of Puppets? appeared first on 11FS.

The post Ep124 – Wealth: Robo-Advisors or Master of Puppets? appeared first on 11:FS.