Ep117 – InsurTech: Saving the World, Saving You Money

Episode 17 · November 4th, 2016 · 34 mins 53 secs

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Our first podcast dedicated to FinTech Insider Interviews features InsurTech influencers Freddy Macnamara and Mathilda Strom.
Get Insured for an Hour (or more) on a Friend’s Car
Freddy Macnamara, Founder and CEO of Cuvva, gives us a behind-the-scene’s look at how buying car insurance works, and how his InsurTech company has managed to cut out the intermediaries.
“James, our co-founder, and I got an office in an incubator called Codebase in Edinburgh, and we hired a couple of contractors, raised a small seed round…and thought, right, what does the perfect insurance distribution platform look like? And we made a point of not talking to any industry veterans, so we could start from first principles – and what we’ve ended up with is a system where the customer is the defining feature of the database, rather than the policy.”
Protecting the Future of Every Family

Deputy CEO Mathilda Strom has helped Bima grow from a pilot in Ghana to an organisation bringing health, accident, and life insurance to millions of people in emerging markets. Bima is a leading InsurTech player that uses mobile technology to disrupt the global insurance industry and fuel financial inclusion.

“About a year ago, we paid out a claim to a woman in Pakistan…she has four children, and she lost her husband in a tragic, drive-by shooting. She then received, within two days of giving the death certificate of her husband to us, $3,000 from Bima as a claims payout, and she was then able to send her eldest son to graduate school, and then have enough money left over that she could support the rest of her children for up to two years in salary that her husband could otherwise have been able to contribute to the family. So this really does make a massive impact on the lives of the people that we’re serving.”

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Saving You Money
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The post Ep117 – InsurTech: Saving the World, Saving You Money appeared first on 11:FS.