Ep. 154. News: Winefield

Episode 159 · November 20th, 2017 · 49 mins 19 secs

About this Episode

In our first all female episode, Sarah Kocianski takes the lead alongside Fiserv's Anna Bennett, Bud's Nina Mohanty, Girl Disrupted Liz Lumley and Innovate Finance's Sophie Winwood, to go through the top stories from the world of fintech and financial services in the last seven days.

Kicking off with the US' first new payment system in 40 years that seemed slightly underwhelming, especially when compared with Alibaba's spending record on China's Singles Day.
They also take on the new AI chatbot from Standard Chartered and whether or not the Apple FaceID hack was or wasn't a hoax, and are bankers right to feel sorry for millennials - and what are they going to do about it if they are?

They also discuss Zimbabwe's lack of currency and huge bitcoin surges following the deposition of Robert Mugabe, a new bank card for spending bitcoin and ethereum; how banks such as Monzo stand to make money in the wake of open banking - and finally is it right that David Davis has promised bankers special travel rights in the wake of Brexit?

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