Ep. 148. Live from Xerocon: part 2

Episode 153 · November 3rd, 2017 · 28 mins 15 secs

About this Episode

We had such a great time at Xerocon 2017 and spoke to so many interesting people that we couldn't possibly give you just one episode. So here's part two, including interviews with Edward Berks, Director of Sales, Banking and Fintech at Xero, Ian Christie, CEO at Boma Technologies, Margaret Laidlaw, Partner at Mazars, Mark Sykes, Partner at BDO and Anna Curzon, Chief Partner Officer at Xero.

First on today's show, David chats to Ed about Xerocon, the Xero community and their app ecosystem.

We also hear from Ian about his background in advertising and marketing, and how that experience led to Boma - using machine learning in content creation.

Next up, David speaks to Margaret at Mazars about how fintechs and SMEs have presented new challenges and new ways of working.

Mark Sykes, head of BDODrive, talks to David about how they help businesses of all sizes to make effective decisions and how Xero help them to focus on the right information.

And finally, we hear from Anna about why she has the best job as Chief Partner Officer and how Xero are rewiring economies. Plus, why are small businesses so important to the world's economies?

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