Ep112 – The Secrets of Berlin FinTech Superstars

Episode 12 · October 4th, 2016 · 2 hrs 5 mins

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This week we had the pleasure of visiting Berlin, an incredible, vibrant and historic city, now becoming a global Tech and FinTech Hub.  We bring you the brightest and best from the Berlin FinTech scene.

Your hosts, as always, is David Brear (@davidbrear) and Jason Bates (@JasonBates) Simon Taylor (@sytaylor) and Chris Skinner (@Chris_Skinner).

We’re joined by our kind hosts from Berlin Marko Wenthin (@solarisbank) and Philipp Blankenagel (@Pblankangel)

We interview Valentin Stalf (@valentinstalf) the CEO of the Red Hot N26 Challenger Bank

Then we finish up with an interview with a really interesting concept from Oliver Neumann of OptioPay (@otneumann)

News this week

  1. Economist – Central Banks Taking it to 11 : LINK
  2. The Guardian – Global Banking Shares Dive among $14bn Deutsche Bank Fine : LINK
  3. The Verge – Elon Musk: First humans who journey to Mars must ‘be prepared to die’ : LINK
  4. Telegraph – Almost 5,500 firms use passports to access EU from UK : LINK
    Connected to this one..
  5. Standard – Sadiq Khan confirms ‘London work permit’ plans to stop post-Brexit exodus : LINK
  6. Accenture creates editable blockchain – LOL
  7. Business Insider – Scaleable Capital attracting 4m Euro per week in deposits : LINK
  8. Fast Company – Simple launches dual card thing : LINK

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The post Ep112 – The Secrets of Berlin Fintech Superstars appeared first on 11FS.

The post Ep112 – The Secrets of Berlin FinTech Superstars appeared first on 11:FS.